Yin yoga offers a focus on stillness and an emphasis on longer deeper stretches of the connective tissues. Most other styles of yoga move quickly and focus on muscle tissues. Yin moves slowly and stretches more deeply into the body.
I offer one hour classes of only four or five people, that are suitable for all abilities. [You just need to be able to get down onto the floor!] You do not need to worry about being asked to do complicated contortions. Yin yoga is not like that. The small class ensures individual needs are met with alternative asanas  [poses] offered when necessary.

The practice of Yin yoga is perfect for anyone who wants to carve  a meditative hour out of their otherwise frantic day. If you say you don't have time for this...... you actually do need Yin! Breathe and slow down.

Classes are $15.00

 I offer at least three sessions a week but will schedule more sessions if there is a demand. If a group of friends wanted to participate in a Yin session I could schedule a class to suit.
So far I do have three regular sessions on my timetable.
10.15 Tuesday
4.45 pm Thursday
5.45 pm  Friday

If you are interested in trying a Yin session please ring me . 027 687 455

You are able to claim your Yin Yoga fees back via Smeaep.

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