Dearest Caroline,
Thank you so much for your dedication to our fitness regime. It is almost two years since we started with you.
You have been truly brilliant! Initially we were only interested in losing weight  but our experience of you has been really life changing. We are now fitter and healthier, off the couch and living it up.
 I know I have resisted some of the changes you have suggested [John] but overall you have encouraged me and mentored me through my goals. We started the year with the Waiterere 10k run , then went on to the Wellington Around the Bays.. We also did the 13.5 k Walk in the Foorstaps of the Marines at Whareroa Farm, and the Taupo Half Marathon. [John] We finished the year walking the Milford Tracin November in relentless rain and snow avalanches.
Looking back it has been a year of goal setting and achievements, none of them possible without your tailored research and training programmes. It has also been a big year for you and Angus , both of you completing various courses and personal development programs to the benefit of your clients.
The dedication to your clients is witnessed by the growth in your business and all of the happy punters we met at your end of year BBQ. Thanks also to Angus for all the support he gives to you and us.
We wish you both best wishes for the season and coming year. It would also be good to think that you might make some time for yourselves over the holiday. We will be back with you in the New Year.
Our heart felt thanks and gratitude go to you.

- Sondra and John

Do you want to lose weight, tone up or just keep fit?  Look no further than Caroline McDonald, Personal Trainer par excellence. Caroline will take one client or sessions with three or four clients, and give each her personal attention. From her training as a Primary School Teacher Caroline passes on her motivation skills and makes working out lots of fun. You need look no further for a great Personal Instructor who is always cheerful and encouraging and who achieves results.

- Patricia

 have been coming to Caroline McDonald’s private "space" for about nine months now.  Caroline has made a huge difference in my life.  She listens and takes a personal interest in all of her clients, preparing an exercise routine which suits each person’s needs.  There is never a dull moment, each session is different and there are many fun competitions to keep things interesting.  Her planning, research and interesting articles in her newsletters also show dedication to her clientele.
I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone.

- Vicky 

Fighting my way back from broken bones, cardiac problems and a compromised immune system my doctor suggested I contacted Caroline. I am so glad I did.

Specific exercises and encouragement from Caroline on a one-to-one basis has made it possible for me to move more freely and enjoy life once again. She has a great sense of fun and we cover numerous family situations as we talk doing the exercises.

Caroline continuously researches new activities for me to conquer, so that there is never a dull moment.

I suggest anyone who wants to improve their health through movement to contact Caroline. She will put you on the right path.

- Margaret L [73]

I started seeing Caroline McDonald as a personal trainer about one year ago. Since training with Caroline, I have found my fitness and muscular endurance have both improved which has enabled me to resume some other activities I had given up such as football and golf. This has also helped my general health with less illness. I enjoy coming to Caroline as it is private and near to my home.

Caroline has been an excellent trainer and I look forward to carrying on with her in the future. I still have areas to work on but expect to achieve my goals with Caroline's help.

- Gary

We have been training under the tutelage of Caroline McDonald for over 12 months. We have found Caroline to be a great person to work with, always professional and committed to our goals. She is regularly changing around the circuit to ensure we don't get bored and to ensure the various muscle groups are worked regularly.

Her nutritional knowledge has helped us with our diets, and she regularly checks with us to ensure we are staying on track. She also advises exercises we can do ourselves at home. Caroline also checks if we have any injuries/niggles that she needs to be aware of, and will modify the workout accordingly if required.

It would be fair to say we very much enjoy our sessions with Caroline. The one on one tailored programmes are effective and enjoyable. She is firm but fair. We feel we have definitely got more out of our time with Caroline than we ever had from any other previous gym memberships put together.

- Kim and Brendan

I have been a client of Caroline's since she opened. She has instructed me in cardio and resistance training and advised me in nutrition and diet. Caroline takes a genuine interest in my health goals and goes the extra mile for her clients. She has researched and advised me in health issues such as adrenal fatigue and sinus infections and has recommended health professionals to me.

Caroline constantly changes the circuits to maintain interest and challenge. She is passionate about health and fitness and keeps up to date with new information. If a client has an existing injury or medical condition Caroline spends a lot of personal time researching on behalf of her client and does all she can to support them.

As a personal trainer, Caroline is supportive and always challenging me to reach my full potential.

- Regina

I've known Caroline McDonald for approximately six months

I attend three training sessions per week with Caroline performing the role as my personal trainer.

Caroline is an extremely competent personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable in both personal training and nutrition.

My reason for attending Caroline's private space is twofold. The first is that I am not a gym goer and generally don't like that environment. The second is my desire to gain muscle and weight to compliment the numerous cardio activities I currently undertake. [I am only 65kg.]

At my first session Caroline fully discussed my goals and then tailored a training routine to meet my specific needs. We started off with light weights so she could properly assess my current ability and we have slowly built up the sessions from there. My routines consist of mostly weights, working shoulders, chest, legs and back. No session is the same and she will swap exercises or introduce me to new ones so my muscles do not get used to the same exercises. Every now and again I'll do a circuit consisting of lifting lighter weights in a variety of ways to music to further shock and confuse my muscles.

Since joining, I have increased muscle mass dramatically with very good gains in all areas and have also gained a number of kilos in weight. Caroline has provided me with a nutrition plan and advice, which I have followed, and this has certainly helped towards my goals.

The sessions are always challenging to say the least and I always come away feeling like I have had a a very good workout and often feel the effects of these in the following days.. Personal safety is a high priority and I always have to do some cardio at the beginning of the session to warm up and then complete a few warm up exercises with lighter weights, before we move into heavier ones. Sessions end with various stretching exercises as part of a warm down routine.

Caroline's attention to detail and her knowledge and experience as a personal trainer is greatly helping me achieve my goals. I like the fact that she constantly challenges me in my routines and these are never the same. I leave each session on a high, albeit a little worn out.

- David

had been a member of a Wellington city gym since the 1990's but had not trained there for around two years due to a number of reasons, in particular an ongoing back issue.

I heard about Caroline McDonald just as I was wondering how I could resume work on my fitness without aggravating the back injury I had been dealing with for the past few years. I had already established a good relationship with a local chiropractor and he had worked with me to strengthen the core muscles that support the spine. The last thing I wanted to do was undo the work that had already been done.

Caroline and I discussed in depth my history relating to injuries and related concerns. Caroline developed a program for me that avoided placing undue risk on my lower back, while at the same time working to strengthen the muscles that assist the back. I was most impressed that Caroline even took the initiative to phone my chiropractor and discuss my situation with him, so as to get his feedback on the appropriateness of the program she was developing for me.

I have been training with Caroline regularly now for six or seven months. I have noticed great improvements in my strength and muscle mass, and most importantly I have achieved this without any risk to my historical back issues. In fact the combination of strengthening and occasional chiropractor "maintenance" visits have given me a level of physical self-confidence that I have not enjoyed for many years.

I am now about to embark on an overseas trip that I cancelled a couple of years ago, as I now have the confidence that I am physically able to not only cope with the trip, but to enjoy it to its fullest without any health concerns. For this I am grateful to Caroline for all her dedication to my cause. I will be resuming training with Caroline upon my return.

- Leigh

I have been coming to Caroline McDonald for the past year. During that time I have been part of a small group regularly attending Caroline's sessions at the gym [2-3 times a week]. We have received personal training sessions including circuit training and cardiovascular exercises.

Throughout this time Caroline has provided us with:

  • Mentoring and motivation - sharing her own goals and successes, including previous body-building achievements.
  • Nutrition and dietary management - giving the group a variety of readings and research to show the philosophy behind the advice she gives us to help support our progress.
  • Psychological well-being - discussing the power of positive thinking in working towards and attaining out personal goals.
  • Physical guidance - specific guidance to cater for the individuals needs of the group, specifically focusing on each of our previous injuries or different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Weight loss advice - recommending certain foods, a range of diet options and reinforcing the importance of portion control.

All of these things have assisted me in not only attaining my goals, but also overcoming a painful back injury. I now have full mobility and am pain free. Caroline individualised my program to take this injury into account, without compromising progress towards my goal.

She has helped us change our mind-set and attitudes, not only to food and exercise, but also our overall health and well-being. Caroline regularly adapts our program to build muscle, maintain weight loss and/or develop core body strength, depending on the needs of the group or individual. Caroline ensures that we are well educated and informed in all exercises and routines. We always receive full explanations about why we are doing certain exercises and how this will impact our muscle development.

Caroline is a personal trainer who practices what she preaches. She constantly monitors our progress and makes changes accordingly. I am grateful for her input into altering my health for the better and prompting permanent change.  I would recommend her as an informed and professional personal trainer.

- Fiona

I have been coming to Caroline McDonald's studio for the last 12 months.

During this time Caroline has run a program that has been both challenging and interesting.

It has involved circuit training and cardiovascular exercises.

The circuit is frequently changed so the exercises are varied helping me maintain my interest level.

I have played competitive sport for many years and as a result have a number of niggly injuries that have prevented me from partaking in regular exercise. Caroline has tailored my program accordingly and now I am pain free.

Over this time period Caroline has also provided me with nutritional advice and guidance.

I found her training sessions fun and motivating but most of all the results have been just what I was after.

- Nellie

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