Strength and Conditioning HITT Workshops

Another Private  Community Gathering!

Why do this sort of activity?

The fancy names for this sort of training is High Intensity Interval Training [ HITT]. I generally just refer to this sort of training as interval or circuit.

HITT is circuit training using some sort of weight resistance in grouped sets of exercises with short rest periods. This method of training generates a high metabolic effect during and after your exercise. In low intensity exercise fat oxidation occurs while exercising and stops almost immediately upon completion. During HITT exercise your body utilises carbs for energy. Then for a long time afterwards [up to 48 hours] fat oxidation takes place as many body systems return to normal. HITT  builds muscle mass, but don't worry. You will not build huge bulky muscles. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn during and after exercise.

Additionally HITT leads the way for burning calories during exercise.

How are these workshops run?

  • 10 minutes warm up.
  • 40 minutes interval training run as a circuit.
  • 10 minutes stretching/ mindfulness and nutrition tips

What sorts of exercises will I do during the circuits?

Resistance training using free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, your own body weight, Swiss balls, medicine balls, a bosu ball , slam balls and balance boards. These exercises change frequently from session to session, ensuring you don't get bored and that your body is constantly being challenged. The actual exercises will target multiple muscle groups including your core.

How quickly could I expect to see changes in my body composition?

It depends on your commitment. If you did three workshops a week and followed my dietary advice you will see changes quickly.

Will women doing this sort of training build big bulky muscles?

Women do not produce enough testosterone to build big muscles. Interval workshops will tone you. If women do not do some sort of resistance training, over time they lose muscle mass. This lowers their metabolism which makes staying lean difficult.

How many people will be in each workshop?

About four or five. This means I can provide attention to you as you  execute a new exercise, correct your technique if needed and above all ensure you are performing the exercise safely. The small session size means I am able to cater for your individual needs and offer alternative exercises when necessary. I am able to form a relationship with you. You get many of the benefits of a personal trainer for a substantially reduced price

Small workshop size does mean booking is essential.

Is this activity suitable for me?

This sort of exercise is suitable for many people, from the very fit,  to people just starting an exercise program.It is  for people who enjoy being with friendly, encouraging like minded people. Many friendships have been built within these groups.

I can cater for you if you have an injury eg a  sore knee or a sore shoulder, however you do need to be realistic. If you have quite a few aches and pains you will be  better off with one on one personal training because you will require a very special program to cater for your very specific needs.

How do I book?

Text or phone Caroline on 027 687 0455

or email

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