One on One Personal Training.
Train by yourself or with a partner. This option suits people who want privacy or who have special needs that are not easily met in a group situation.  One on one training suits people who want to focus on hard core body building, strength training, injury rehabilitation, and those who are a little shy or nervous because they are new to exercise or returning to exercise after a long absence.

 I have a one on one position available.

Monday  11.30 am

Strength and Conditioning Classes. HITT

This option is for people who enjoy the camaraderie of a group. Classes are designed to accommodate individual needs, however if you have a lot of aches and pains you would be better suited to a One on One situation. Ideally you need to be able to get up and down from the floor quickly to get the most from these sessions.

These classes are different to attending a regular exercise class in that:
- the small number of participants means you all get to know each other and support each other. 
-I get to know you and am genuinely interested in catering for your specific needs.
- this close relationship enables us to establish a safe exercise regime for you.

Classes and One on One 
- I work as a facilitator enabling you to achieve your wellness goals.
- I can offer you informed dietary advice if you require it.
- I  will refer you to, and work with other health professionals if the need arises.

Mindfulness with Music and Movement
I host small classes focusing on mindfulness with music and movement. The movement is based on Yin Yoga and is slow  and introspective. It is a  style of yoga that focuses on improving joint flexibility and finding and enjoying a feeling of quiet relaxation. Yin Yoga is suitable for all ages, all abilities. You most definitely do not have to be super flexible to try this. Bring balance to your busy world.

Combo Class
8am Tuesday and Thursday.
A  class featuring  a combination of resistance work, balance work, mat work and  finishing with guided stretching. This session is good when you have a few aches and pains and just want to take things quietly.

Online by Zoom
Resistance primarily using your own body weight. Ideal for people who are truly stuck at home! Give me a ring about these.

I am an endorsed SMEAEP provider. This means if you are self employed or an employer who is sending your staff to me,  you can legitimately claim all personal training expenses, including mindfulness workshops as a tax deductible expense with no fringe benefit tax. There are only 32 SMEAEP endorsed exercise providers in NZ. I am the only SMEAEP endorsed provider on the Kapiti Coast. [to the best of my knowledge]

Weight Management.
I can review your diet and advise you of changes that would enable you to mange your weight better as well as achieve optimal nutrition. I foster an environment where achieving a balanced nutritious diet is actively encouraged and talked about. 

Wellness Coach.
A healthy person is a person who looks at their health holistically. I am interested in what you do the other 23 hours of the day when you are not with me. With your wellness in mind I will encourage you to address matters such as high stress levels,  problematic sleep patterns,  and your ability to incorporate  gentle exercise into your daily routine.

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