Talking Straight ....Functional Nutrition Course.

This course is designed to help you improve your relationship with food and to ultimately help you feel a whole lot better about yourself. I believe if we eat for health concentrate on nourishing our body, then our weight will take care of itself. Lets cut throughout the confusion and hype and with out sights firmly fixed on achieving optimal nutrition for our precious bodies, we can’t go wrong.

But how do we get to that place where we consistently eat in a manner that behoves us? This course will prepare the way for you to develop thought processes and routines that will enable your success. You will be asked to do some hard work along the way. Maybe a little digging deep into stuff that might be upsetting. But you know what? You are worth it. You will pick up knowledge and skills that will help you design nutritious and sustainable food habits that will last you a life time.

Here are a few comments from course participants.


“I think it helps focus on goal setting around food habits and exploring your own motivations and triggers.Doing the visual food diary was very good- really helped me hone in on what I eat and when, especially comfort food. Also understanding the stress triggers for unhealthy eating. The goal setting on things other than weight reduction is useful too because it helps shift habits.

The photo journal, weekly catch ups and ideas from others in the group!the workbook is beautifully presented and easy to follow. These things were especially helpful.While I haven't lost any weight I have a much better idea about what healthy eating looks like, I think I have a healthier outlook on eating and have developed some acceptance with where I am at. I enjoy the foods I eat, it not unhealthy and I am not putting on weight.



“The most helpful content would be suggestions on what to eat, and liking the way I felt knowing I have a plan in place ie. having healthy food hand. Benefits of the course - being more organized with what to have in the fridge, loved the planning for success lists of food - that was handy. I enjoyed doing the strengths survey.


“This course was very informative. I think the content of the book was good and something I can refer back to. The material was useful and the discussions with others was great. Getting to find out what works and doesn't from others was useful. A lot of the material was information you have already provided in the classes but it was well packaged in the book. Benefits of the course were changing habits, setting different goals - less focus on weight loss more on changing my habits and weight loss will follow.


Talking Straight is an eight week course. I run the course twice a year for my clients.  It is free for my clients except for the cost of the work book.  If you like  working in a supportive group this could be for you.

If you feel a little shy or prefer to tackle the eight week course on a One on One basis that is fine. The eight sessions are $65.00 each. You do not have to be a client to take advantage of this offer.

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