Gift Vouchers

Is there someone you would like to give a wee nudge in order they might get moving? How about a gift voucher to Caroline McDonald Personal Training?
$300.00 for 5 one on one sessions
$550.00 for 10 one on one sessions.
$110. 00 for a ten trip to high intensity interval classes.

Or is there someone you know who is in need of a relaxing treat? How about a gift voucher for a one on one Yin Yoga session?
One Yin Yoga session $45.00
Two Yin Yoga sessions $80.00.

Or a ten trip to Yin Yoga classes  $150.00

Class and One on One Opportunities

There are a few spaces in my classes.You need to be quick as they do not come up often, particularly the evening classes.

One on One.... I am busting into my own leisure time to accommodate new clients now. Therefore if I am going to take you on board you will need to be committed.

Work Out at Home

I also have a You Tube channel for my clients to access. This enables them to do their workouts at home or away. I provide workouts using minimal equipment that are practical and utilize exercises you will be familiar with.[ if you train regularly with me.]

Tax Deductions

Did you know that if you are self employed and come and have personal training with me [ either one on one or in my small classes ]you can claim all your fees back as a FBT exempt business expense. That is because I am an endorsed SMEAEP provider. SMEAEP is a stress management programme set up by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. There are only 32 [aprox] SMEAEP providers in New Zealand.  I am the only SMEAEP provider on the Kapiti coast.

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