Evolt is Here

I am so excited. Tracey and her  Evolt Body Composition Scanner are visiting my facility every three months.
The Evo 360 is a bio scan that provides scientifically validated body composition results with powerful internal insights. The information generated by the scan is delivered to your free phone app.
After the scan you will discover your internal measurements from  lean body mass, body fat mass and percentage, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level and much more . These are also calculated together to give you an overall fitness score as well as your bio age. The scan provides an excellent form of base line assessment and then further scans  offer assessment as to your "fitness"  progress.
A scan costs $40 and only takes a few minutes with 10 mins taken afterwards to explain your results.And don't worry. You only have to take off your shoes and socks. Not your clothes!!!
Tracey and her Evolt are visiting again in May.
My clients who experienced this assessment tool on the February visit are extremely happy with the experience and excited about setting measurable goals.

Combo Class

8am Tuesday and Thursday.
Taking bookings now.
A combination class featuring resistance work, balance work, mat work and  finishing with guided stretching. This class is cost inclusive for existing "class" members within their $30.00/ week fee.  For One on One clients wanting to attend..... buy a class ten trip. For casuals - $15.00.

Gift Vouchers

Is there someone you would like to give a wee nudge in order they might get moving? How about a gift voucher to Caroline McDonald Personal Training?
$280.00 for 4  one on one sessions
$480.00 for 8 one on one sessions.
$110. 00 for a ten trip to high intensity interval classes.

Or is there someone you know who is in need of a relaxing treat? How about a gift voucher for a one on one Yin Yoga session?
One Yin Yoga session $45.00
Two Yin Yoga sessions $80.00.

Or a ten trip to Yin Yoga classes  $150.00

Class and One on One Opportunities

There are a few spaces in my classes.You need to be quick as they do not come up often, particularly the evening classes. Have a look on the class timetable and see if there are times that suit you. Don't be put off if the classes you would like to take are full. Things can often be arranged.

One on One.... I am busting into my own leisure time to accommodate new clients now. Therefore if I am going to take you on board you will need to be committed. I have opportunities at  10.20 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Work Out at Home

I also have a You Tube channel for my clients to access. This enables them to do their workouts at home or away. I provide workouts using minimal equipment that are practical and utilize exercises you will be familiar with.[ if you train regularly with me.]

Tax Deductions

Did you know that if you are self employed and come and have personal training with me [ either one on one or in my small classes ]you can claim all your fees back as a FBT exempt business expense. That is because I am an endorsed SMEAEP provider. SMEAEP is a stress management programme set up by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. There are only 32 [aprox] SMEAEP providers in New Zealand.  I am the only SMEAEP provider on the Kapiti coast.

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